WhatsApp Selebgram v.20 Look like Instagram

Have you ever wondered what if your WhatsApp display is like an Instagram display ?.

Dodi Hidayat tries to make your dreams come true by creating a WhatsApp App but it is designed 95% like an Instagram display.


Base Update 2.20.123

Added ;
- Option to Separate Chats / Groups conversations into two screens.
- Swipe chat row in home screen to see quick actions.
- Dark Mode for dWhatsApp and Settings.
- Now you can return to WhatsApp default.
- Now dWhatsApp 99% Support Theming. you can create theme by yourself (save and share for everyone).

New Interface :
- Home Style with 10 Styles
- Redesign dWhatsApp settings
- Bottom Tab Instagram is used to move between chat/group/status and call posts
- Quick contact style
- Chat row style
- Status row style
- Calls row style
- Full music player
- Page animations
- List animations
- Spam chat
- Youtube & Browser
- Text to Emoji
- Text repeater
- Text styles
- Text creations
- Text fancy
- Emoticons & Blank Text
- Google Translate
- Quick contact chat like telegram
- Change icon new chat (17 Styles)
- Change icon action/direct chat (28 Styles)
- Change icon search (17 Styles)
- Change icon night mode (12 Styles)
- Change icon dnd mode (5 Styles)
- Gradient colors for profile instagram, tab instagram, quick contact and music player
- Change dWhatsApp settings styles (3 Styles)
- Custom followers, following, posts, name, category profile and bio
- Hide search icon
- Hide button spam chat
- Move button spam chat
- Action FAB Chat (you can enable from dWhatsApp Settings - Home - Button Fab - Show home fab
- Bottom Tab Instagram for change page chat,status and call (NOTE: change colors Top Tab to Transparent from dWhatsApp Settings - Home - Top Tab - Change Colors to transparent or you can ceck on Guide Book)
- Change border size for profile
- Change photo profile size
- Settings shadow row for chat,status and call
- Settings rounded for row chat,status and call
- Settings border for row chat,status and call
- Disable right-left page
- some settings are moved to be easier
- Additional conversation_entry style (3 styles count: 29 styles)
- Additional chats row style (8 styles count: 16 styles)
- Change status row style (4 styles)
- Change calls row style (6 styles)
- Change Quick contact style (5 styles)
- Anti virus like: virus text, virus contact and more
- New Fonts Styles (24 styles)
- Language Update translation French
- Update translation Indonesian
- Donate
- Guide Book
- Performance and speed
- Fixed Default color using whatsapp green color
- Fixed Music background color
- Fixed People pictures shows incorrectly in Instagram status style
- Fixed Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
- Fixed Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
- Fixed Black line when scrolling when Instagram status style is enabled
- Fixed Row chat not changed color
- Fixed Gradient theme
- Fixed Indonesian Translation
- Fixed Reset theme
- Fixed Colors for quick contact
- Fixed Theming options
- Fixed Fab Chat seen in Quick Chat
- Fixed Home styles
- Fixed Some Colors
- Fixed Custom Themes
- Fixed Color does not change
- Fixed Some bugs in old Version 0.10
- Fixed Colors that cannot be applied
- Fixed "App Not Installed" error
- Fixed Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to "Immediately"
- Fixed Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
- Fixed Hide Second Tick
- Fixed IG Status disappearing
- Fixed WhatsApp emojis/stickers show in phone gallery
- Fixed Group description not clear in Dark Mode
- Fixed Custom Privacy checkbox not showing in RTL languages
- Fixed Other bugs


Link Theme :

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